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Korea Line LNG, a specialized company for LNG transportation and LNG bunkering that leads the eco-friendly bu-

siness for the next generation.

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Korea’s first LNG transportation, 
Bunkering specialized shipping company


Korea Line LNG is a specialized shipping company in LNG transportation and LNG bunkering, of which shares are owned 100% by Korea Line Corporation, one of the most renowned traditional shipping companies in Korea, who is specialized in transportation of dry bulk and wet bulk. Our LNG carrier service started in 1994 by participating in the LNG Consortium Project and operating LNG transportation services.

Advance toward 

a global LNG transporting company


Keeping up with fluctuating environment, Korea Line LNG has successfully maintained its reputation as a LNG specialized shipping company, by signing time charter party with Shell for LNG bunkering vessel and conventional LNG carriers for the first time among the domestic shipping companies. Korea Line LNG aim to become a global LNG leading shipping company based on impressive heritage of pioneering success and growth experiences.

Business Introduction

  • LNG Transportation

    Korea Line LNG is operating 12 LNG carriers (including 4 consortium fleet) of Korea Gas Corporation, while carrying out a key role in Korean LNG transportation industry, and trying its utmost efforts with a view to leaping forward as a global LNG shipping company. Also, we signed a charter party for 18,000 CBM LNG bunkering vessel with the world’s leading energy company. Through this, we have completed the preparation as a global LNG carrier as well as domestic.

  • LNG Bunkering

    Taking the lead the first LNG bunkering vessel in Asia “SM JEJU LNG2”, we are coping well in advance with a new change of transition into the clean energy era and Korea will serve as an important bridgehead for the development of LNG bunkering industry in Northeast Asia. And we extend our business to global LNG bunkering market. Korea Line LNG will be reborn as a global shipping company specialized in LNG transportation and bunkering.