CEO Greetings

We imagine the future of Korea’s tomorrow
The SM Group works together for a healthy
future with our customers

“Healthy and happy partnership with clients” is the SM Group’s dream.
We aspire to stay one step ahead of social change through emphasis on
communication and professionalism, realization of customer-centric values,
innovative technology through creative spirit, and by building infinite trust.
This is the path of the SM Group.

“Being professional is the key to success.”
The power group that moves the world

Our motto of trust, reliability, creativity, and innovation has been the core of our business management plan since the group’s foundation 30 years ago. This management philosophy is also an intangible asset that will sustain our future.

The SM Group is not only a “business,” but is becoming a global corporation, an example of the ‘unified country’ of the future, through reorganizing its corporate culture to create synergistic effects, re-establishing the values of each business sector, and valuing its people and its materials. To this end, we are striving to create new value in various fields such as construction, shipping, manufacturing, and the service and leisure industries. In particular, we will actively respond to market changes and boldly innovate in areas such as investment to achieve sustainable management.

Our construction division started with Samra in 1988, and our family has grown with welcoming Woobang, Keangnam Enterprises, Woobang Industrial, Dongah Construction Industrial and Samwhan Corp. Our construction division is doing its best to reclaim fame in the areas of housing development, international construction projects, and civil engineering. Our achievements include the construction of Naro Space Center, receiving the first international construction license (becoming Korea’s first to enter the Middle East market), construction of Korean landmarks such as the Walker Hill hotel, the Silla hotel, the National Theater of Korea, and building Korea’s first nuclear reactor.

The SM Group has endured the excruciating pains of M&As, and it will grow into a company that promotes national prestige by developing its presence in overseas markets and by preparing a home for the young people who will be responsible for the future of the country. This reflects the SM Group way: “happy partnerships with customers.” The Group has built a three-stage road map (SM partners) for shared growth so that the excellent technology and know-how of our construction business partners can lead to coexistence with large, small, and medium-sized companies. .As such, we are striving to realize customer-centered values, and to improve communication and professionalism.

Our shipping sector focuses on developing new logistic lines to become a globally recognized maritime powerhouse. Our Korea Line Corp, SM Line Corp, Korea Shipping Corp, and KLCSM (management and operation of ships) are rapidly growing as transport experts in eco-friendly energy sources.; We are seeking a leap forward to the global shipping company that roams around the world, maximizing synergy and providing future growth engines.

Our manufacturing sector prioritizes development of eco-friendly, highly efficient products to maximize consumer satisfaction and future growth.

TK Chemical, an expert in chemical and fiber science, boasts the world’s best quality polyester, spandex, and PET-Resin through its accumulated technology and research. Proud partners of the SM Group include: Namsun Aluminum, an expert aluminum company, Handuk Iron Corp, Korea’s only iron ore production center, SM Steel, a company that is focusing on adopting STS panels (a high-tech material for construction and chemistry) in Korean industry, and Bexel a company that grew together with the development of Korean battery industry.

The power of corporations and nations lie in ‘’creative thinking” in the 21st century.

The service and leisure sectors aim to further the concept of 'healing’ and ‘hue (rest)’ culture by linking the business area of ​​SM Hiplus (devoted to the development of customized products such as electronic card issuance and management, as well as prepaid electronic card toll settlement,) and hotel and golf resort facilities. The SM Group will expand and offer ‘rest’ opportunities for families by expanding social-welfare facilities as a part of the “all-season, Korean-style healing culture for families” campaign. We are steadily laying the groundwork for sustainable growth to meet customer needs and developing service leisure models that can lead leisure culture trends.

Our belief that serving customers is the foundation of our company, and our attitude to promptly respond to their needs for maximum satisfaction, are our most important growth engine. All of SM Group's employees do their best to respond to the constantly changing demands of the nation by creating value and ​​providing 'customer satisfaction management.' In addition, we will share and practice “mutual growth management,” reject the status quo, and always challenge ourselves with new initiatives.

The future of nations and companies is decided by its people.
The SM Group is carrying out a “Digital Workplace” project to encourage openness and innovation among its employees. In order to establish a work environment where all members can work smartly, efficiently, and collaboratively, we have founded the “IT Strategy Team” to improve on old ways of working and to achieve innovative management. People are at the center of management.

People come first before strategies. If one can work positively in a comfortable work environment, there will be positive synergy between members, leading to great outcomes.

Amid fierce global competition, the SM Group believes our work process will be our competitiveness. We will develop future talents that are essential for society and for the development of the national economy.
The SM Group promises to grow into a group that is well loved and respected by the people, and will focus on heartfelt social contributions including donations, transparent and sustainable ethical·mutual management, environmental management, and prioritizing the coexistence of individuals and society.

We will do our best to fulfill our roles and responsibilities; we will work towards creating a fun work environment, being popular among future recruits, and being fondly remembered in the heart of the people.