Trust from clients is the most important value to us.
Today and tomorrow, we create a better life.

About Us

Global Sustainable Leading Company

The SM Group is becoming a global, top-tier corporation
through continuous innovation and change.

Established in 1988, the SM Group provides differentiated and innovative products and services through domestic and international networks. The corporation is continuing to prosper, creating value to enrich the lives of our clients.

The SM Group continues to develop new business sectors based on the core values of trust · creativity · innovation.

Core values

A youthful company
with creative ambitions

We aspire to stay awake and young by allowing employees to dream and by motivating them to undertake new challenges.

A company that
transforms through
technology and innovation

We will become a company that is never afraid of change or innovation. We will create the best products and services through continuous research and technology development.

A reliable corporation
focused on consumer satisfaction
and building trust

Our priorities are our customers, they are the starting point of management. We promise to fulfil our social responsibilities based the trust of our customers and partners.



A respected company that fulfils its
social responsibility through management
that focuses on customer satisfaction
and mutual growth

Core Strategies

  • Drive the growth of
    our customer's business and
    industry through strong leadership

  • Lead continuous innovation,
    maintain efficient organization,
    and develop global talents

  • Expand to the global market
    based on the innovative technology
    and leadership


SM Group’s value is reborn through the new synergy,
created by the integration of each subsidiaries' potential for the future

Unique Together