Trust from clients is the most important value to us.
Today and tomorrow, we create a better life.

About Us

Expect, Better Tomorrow

The SM Group is becoming a global, top-tier corporation
through continuous innovation and change.

Established in 1988, the SM Group provides differentiated and innovative pro
ducts and services through domestic and international networks. The corpor
ation is continuing to prosper, creating value to enrich the lives of our clients.

The SM Group continues to develop new business sectors based on the core
values of Responsible · Challenging · Collaborative.


We increase potential and share values

It captures the firm will of SM Group,
which intends to increase growth potential through
cooperation with various stakeholders and share
the fruits of our achievements through growth.


A group that achieves affluence
through warm companionship.

SM Group has created synergies in various sectors centered on manufacturing,
construction, shipping, media services, and leisure. SM Group brings abundance to
everyone's lives and builds a healthy and affluent tomorrow.

Core values


Bringing affluence to everyone that works with SM Group.

Enriching Together