Shipping is not about just moving cargo, its about moving industry and
culture. SM Group creates and pioneers shipping culture.

KLCSM, Providing Comprehensive Ship Management Systems & Leading the 21st Century through change and

Innovation.  We are maritime experts providing customer-oriented ship management services.

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Ship & Crew Management

No.1 Service


Based on over 40 years of tradition, skills, and knowledge, we provide the best professional ship & crew management services for various types of vessels including LNGC. We continuously increase customer satisfaction with our economical and efficient systems and safe operation of vessels based on ethical management.

Holding All International

Qualifications and Certifications

We hold and maintain all international certifications required in the shipping sector.


▣ ISM CODE      ▣ OHSAS 18001 

▣ ISO 9001       ▣ ISPS CODE

▣ ISO 14001     ▣ MLC 2006

Business Introduction

  • Ship Management

    Differentiated by our vessel management system, we promise to offer services with reduced costs, enhanced quality and safe operation. We also contribute to the safe operation management with the safety campaign of “Three ZERO and Three TAKE.”

  • Crew Management

    We foster professional maritime staff with our systematic training programs, and provide the best crew management service by securing and managing the most suitable crew members, and reducing costs and expenses, based on the verified system and high re-employment rate.

  • Supervision of New Shipbuilding

    With our 40 year-long experience and expertise of vessels, we have carried out successful supervision of 90 vessels of various types. Furthermore, we also actively provide other services, such as vessel inspection, pier safety management and etc.