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Ship Finance & Investment

Management Services

Korea Marine Finance Corporation (KOMARF), as Manager, establishes the ship funds (Ship Investment Companies; “SIC’s”) to provide finance needed for such processes as new building, chartering, purchasing and selling and manage the overall operations ranging from investments to redemptions of the funds for investors.

The first Korean Ship

Investment Management Company

Based on our experience and capabilities as the first ship fund management company established in Asia, we provide professional advisory services on ship investments and shipping finance. In this regard, we play a pivotal role in supporting  Korea to become a global shipping finance hub by facilitating the financing of shipping companies.

Business Introduction

  • Ship Funds

    As Asia’s first finance corporation specializing in ship funding, KOMARF has accumulated know-hows achieved from vast experience including the first launch of a ship fund the exchange listing, performance distribution, setting of a cross-border fund and the government ship fund.

  • Finance Design and Advisory

    Based on its business relationships with private and public financial companies KOMARF provides ship finance consulting services to the shipping companies and financial institutions by designing efficient structure for their financing.

  • Total Relevant Solutions

    KOMARF has ship finance experts with years of experience in the fields of shipping and financing, specifically including ship S&P’s and financial designing to provide the clients with overall solutions ranging from new building, chartering and to selling.